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21 June 2016 @ 08:20 pm
Hawaii Five-0: GagReel video  

Long time, no post & no new video. After more then 1 year without a computer (and a lot of limping along with the half dead laptop) I`m back with a new vid :D

I choose the easy way, and went back into vidding by using the H5-0 season 1-5 GagReel

5-0 GagReel_We_Can_Dance_01.16 from Kahesha@Vimeo on Vimeo.

Program Used: Corel Videostudio ProX7

Title: Safety Dance
Lenght: 2.52 min.
Music: "Safety Dance" by Man Without Hats

Character: All
Category: humor

SPOILER H5-0 season 1-5 GagReel