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26 September 2015 @ 12:39 pm
NCIS re-cap: 13.1 "Stop The Bleeding" 1 / 2  

This my very own, personal, Svala style, re-cap of NCIS 13.1 "Stop The Bleeding"

And with "personal" I mean it`ll be heavily focused on Tony (and Gibbs) and NOT meant to be an official re-cap of the ep, there are more than enough of those around.

for example:

- Douglas Wolfe Click Click

- NCIS Round Table Click Click

These are my favorite NCIS reviews, each week, each season *love*

I simply pick scenes and moments I like, or didn`t like, add some random rambling = done

This is a 2 part entry because it grew into a monster *eek*

New S.13 Credits

 photo Ani1_credits1_zps4lhketrt.gif

 photo Ani10_credits10complete_zpsfyxk0ntp.gif

I can`t believe they`ve added the awfull "The Artfull Dodger" *blue steel* Tim pulled to the credits

 photo shocked-eyes-smiley-emoticon_zps3sxzkn0g.gif

I very much prefer this version of blue steel, thank you

 photo tumblr_m8dtq11CLg1qf3myqo1_500_zpssiwr2ibo.gif
(Dean animation done by an unknown user at tumblr)

and while on it, why do Pauley & Sean get one more scene in the credits then all the others?

But now, enough with the credits talk

SEASON 13 !!!! yeah baby

 photo funny-animation-23_zpsyiimml6q.gif

or, not so much 13.1, but a short flashback to the end of season 12 first

aka Gibbs drama #379583736384094

 photo bored-expression-smiley-emoticon_zpsyr9i1bc6.gif

12.23 "The Lost Boys" summary: A cyber case turns into a united global effort after evidence confirms that an international terrorist group that recruits children through the Internet is purchasing bombs on the black market.

12.24 "Neverland" summary: Season 12 ends with NCIS feverishly investigating a global terrorist group that is recruiting teens via the Internet, following a deadly bombing overseas that resulted in an emotional and surprising loss for the team.

(overall I thought the final arc of season 12 was meeeehhh and a wasted opportunity to produce something awesome)

kabooooom x 2

while Gibbs survived the explosion with barely a scratch *uhm, yeah* poor Dorney bit the dust, or, the red carpet
(don`t get me started on him being killed, it`d not be pretty)
... anyway ...

*cue Joanna Teague, or as some call her: CIA!Mimi, Dorney`s Mom*

 photo Ani2_mimi1_500_zpsonnzkhgh.gif

confession: Joanna is my favorite guest character in a looong time, she`s awesome!


the MimiMichael production had a lot of fun behind the scene

 photo CKKAjFpUAAAg9k7_zpsrgilr04z.jpg

 photo rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-smiley-emoticon_zpskpitvbkb.gif


Gibbs, Tony and Joanna travel to Iraq where the events took place that lead us to "Stop The Bleeding"

While Tony`s on the phone with the bad guy who thought it`s a good idea to taunt and tease and distract Tony (remember this, it comes in handy later)

 photo Ani3_TonyPhone_500_zpsovlbx76z.gif

Gibbs is being shot by the poor little innocent, NOT, boy Luke

raise your hand if you didn`t see this coming the week before already. No one? that`s what I thought.

btw, I think I know why the boy was able to shoot Gibbs the way he did

 photo the force yoda_zpsdebxmhrv.jpeg
(credit to unknown maker)


Tony and Joanna are too far away, they can`t stop what`s happening

 photo Ani6_TonyJoanne_500_zpssuquoav7.gif

and this brings me (and you) to 13.1 "Stop The Bleeding"

Gibbs!hurt ... Tony!angst ...

 photo Ani7_1_Tony.Gibbs.hurt_500_zpsmymnmd7n.gif

add: I wish they`d have shown what happened right after Gibbs has been shot, I`m sure that would have been Tony&Gibbs hurt&pain&angst galore *sigh* ahhhh well, that`s what FanFiction is for :D

concerned Tony & CIAMimi

 photo Ani7_3_Tony.Gibbs.hurt_500_zpson8kohdv.gif

 photo coldshower.gif ...  photo melting.gif

 photo Ani7_2_Tony.Gibbs.hurt_500_zpskpag28jh.gif

add, just because, of course *looks innocent*

 photo 13.1 60616_zpsik6vprs7.jpg

 photo g045.gif

OMFG ... hurt!Gibbs ... concerned!Tony ... Tony touch ... blood ... *dies happy fangirl death*

*reanimates self*

Tony doesn`t want to leave Gibbs, but he has to ... poor baby

 photo Ani7_4_Tony.Gibbs.hurt_500_zpsgulanh6t.gif

and of course Tony`s blaming himself *awwwww, hugs him*

 photo Ani7_5_Tony.Gibbs.hurt_500_zpshnatxoim.gif

Tony: "I was too far away. I should have been right on his six. I let Budd distract me.
CIA!Mimi: "Stop blaming yourself."
Tony: "I knew, Joanna. He had me on the phone. I knew. He was watching us.
CIA!Mimi: "You knew what? You knew that our sweet little Luke was gonna shoot his one true friend? Neither of us saw that coming, Tony. How the hell could we?"

THIS, Joanna, THIS !!!

add: "Neither of us saw that coming, Tony. How the hell could we?" ... raises hand, while bouncing in chair & yelling

Do I get a NCIS badge? okay, a pat on the back? a cookie? no? anything? no? *hmpf*

 photo thgirl_devil.gif

then, Gibbs asks for Tony, but noone cares and Tony gets a call from Vance anyway. I`m sure Gibbs didn`t see Tony afterwards anymore.

this is the end of part one

prt.2 can be found here: CLICK CLICK

Entry is also posted to dreamwidth: @OverTheHills

metallidean_grlmetallidean_grl on October 1st, 2015 03:01 pm (UTC)
I ask myself the same question about the opening credits all the time. I count, recount, and ponder, why in the hell do Sean and Pauley get one more screen than Mark and Michael???? What's with that!?!?!?!?!?! I call, NOT FAIR!!!